Top 5 things to know before starting your freelance career

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Top 5 things to know before staring freelance career: So you have decided that you want to start your freelancing career and have decided an area in which you will be working and earn some $$$ but have you considered that what things are necessary to start as a freelancer, I’m not talking about the skills or the area of expertise in which you will be working, I’m pointing to the place where you will work. I’m pointing to the method you will apply to make sure that your work is the best in every way possible. Well before starting all this let me explain you something that you should consider in your mind. These are little things but have much impact on the lifestyle you will choose.

Remember many of us heard about the term that while doing freelancing you are your own boss. Well that’s catchy but if you are spiderman fan then you have heard these lines many time “With great power comes great responsibility”, Yes folks to be your own boss is a great responsibility you have to manage many things.

Here are my Top 5 todo things while  starting your freelance career or if you are already in than these might be helpful for you.

Be Motivated & Be Productive:

The most important part to be as a freelancer that you should choose something or some goal that will keep you motivated. As per my experience sometime we are very much stressful because of work routine we have and because of it our motivation level keeps dropping that could lead to unproductive hours. So the first thing is find some activity or goal that could make you feel motivated in those stressful hours.

Stay Managed:

The most important thing that I’ve encountered that when you are a freelancer in the start you miss many things and mismanagement is one of those thing. Remember you are your own boss but to be your own boss you must be manage your self.
Try to list down the working hours you will give in a week like if you want to work for 8 hours per day than stick to it for rest of the 5 working days.
Always note down the important things that you have in projects. Usually we don’t write things and sometime we miss key points that could lead to a  bad review.

Keep yourself updated :

As we are living in digital transformation world and in this world things are changing rapidly. New tools and techniques are coming out every day or sometime every hour or minute. So the best thing to keep youself updated is to follow some blogs in your area like I’m a Web Developer so I’m following many different people and blogs who shares some really interesting facts that could become very handy.

Try not to choose the comfortable spot in your House:

There is a saying that to achieve higher results you should come out from your comfort zone. Yes this is my personal experience the place where I usually spent most of my day was the room which have all of my entertainment stuff like gaming PC, PS4 etc. Before I start making some serious $$$ I usually work in that spot but someone told me to change my spot and work in a different spot where you feel productive, So I give it a shot and believe me it has much impact on me and boosted my productivity.

You Have to Market Yourself – a Lot:

In the start this was the thing that I didn’t considered but It is the most important thing.

I’ve worked for myself for the past three years, and the two biggest surprises have been time and money. With regards to time, when you’re not working at your freelance gig, you’re constantly on the hunt for the next one. It can often feel like a job unto itself. A great deal of time needs to be spent networking, learning, interviewing, and promoting yourself.

There are much more in this but all other things varies from person to person but the base of the things are these 5 ones I’ve listed.

If you have any question feel free to ask  in the comments below.


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