Freelancing platforms are growing day by day. The main question that comes to our mind is, Which platform we should choose to start a freelance career. There are plenty of freelancing platforms out there. In this blog post, I will tell you that what are the Top 5 Freelancing platforms to find freelance work.

But first, let me tell you about something very important over here there two types of freelance work one are hourly paid and the second one is fixed price projects. But here is an interesting fact that we can divide the fixed price projects into two categories One is Micro-Budget freelance work and one is Macro Budget freelance work.

The core difference between these two is like if there is a small fix to do there is a work that will take a small amount of time then it will fall in micro-budget work and if there is a complete project or the scope of the project is bigger than it will fall in macro budget freelance work. Now lets come back to the platforms, The following are the Top 5 platforms to find freelance work.


Upwork is the largest and the best platform out there to start your freelance career. There way of connecting clients with freelancers is awesome. You can find plenty of work on upwork including Micro and Macro budget jobs.The way of working of this platform is that first, you create a profile on upwork( See how to create an attractive upwork profile ) there is a list of project and you select one of the projects and submit a proposal against it. If it goes the right way the client will contact you then and the project is started.


Freelancer.com is one of the biggest platforms out there to find freelance work. Like upwork, It has the similar working pattern. But the to flourish in this platform you have to take the test which is not free on it.
You have limited number of chances to bid on the projects and to avail more chances you have to pay for some plan to get additional bidding points to bid on the projects.
You can find almost every kind of work over here from Webdesign to personal Virtual Assistant.


99design.com Is quite unique in its working. If you are a Graphic designer in any of its subfields than this website is specifically for you. As a graphic designer, you can provide your services over here. There is a lot of graphics related work on this site and plenty of chances to make an awesome career.


Peopleperhour.com is one of the sites where you can list your services according to an hourly price. The client usually hires people from here on an hourly basis. You can list almost any kind of service over here defining your per hour rate.


Fiverr.com is the best place to start as a freelancer. On this site, you can provide any kind of services. it’s quite unique in its scenario that you can sell some funny gifs to and people buy from here. The services which are listed on fiverr are called Gigs and it starts from minimum $5.
It has a lot of customization that could help you to earn more than $500 per single order but it totally depends on how you market yourself.

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