The Secret of Creating an Attractive Upwork Profile


In this post, I will be sharing a secret for creating an attractive Upwork profile, But first, let me tell you about a few things that how these things work. It’s not only limited to Upwork but to every platform out there.
Remember on planet earth we deal with humans to provide them with our services. There are many scenarios that I’ve come across where people just copy and paste some other person’s profile by just changing their names and description on it and then start submitting a proposal.

If you ask yourself a question that if someone is that much robotic will you buy anything from him, No you don’t as you will think that this person is not even serious about listening to what I’m saying.

The main key point of this post is to make an attractive Upwork profile that people think that Yes, this is the best person for this job if they visited your profile through your submitted proposal.
So let get started.

Create an account on Upwork it’s pretty easy you just have to give an email and some information and you’re done.

Now the tricky part starts.

The Title

When you start editing your profile the first thing you will notice that there is a title right under your name describing that in which area you are specialized in. This is the key secret element for an attractive Upwork profile. What people do over here they don’t actually represent themselves they just list down their skills over here like the example below.

HTML | CSS | Photoshop | SEO | Digital Marketing expert

The above title is describing that you are an expert of everything and people who seek someone to work for them are looking for a specialized person to get their job done instead of a person who have many skills. So some good title examples are listed below.

  • WordPress Guru
  • Full Stack Developer
  • MEAN Stack Developer
  • Graphics Designer

Your profile picture

Well, you have to show the world how confident you are. There is a saying that “a picture speaks thousands of words” and yes how this thing works. Present yourself in front of others that yes you are confident. To make a best profile picture use daylight to your advantage and click some pictures with a smiling face. Believe me, this helps a lot as people judge you by your facial expressions that how much this person is willing to provide some good services. This is must element for an attractive upwork profile.


If you catch the attention of your visitor by the title and profile picture by following the above-mentioned method the description is something that people might be interested in.

This is the area where you tell people what you are what you are providing and how you will treat them if they buy your services, That’s it. Yes, this is all the things that you will be needing to write a killer description.

The following is an example that you can follow to write a description.


There is a portfolio section in the profile menu, Which you can utilize to list down the work you have done in the past. The most important question people ask that if they are new what should they list. The answer is very simple I’ve mentioned in one of my post which you can read here. You can list the items which you have created while learning. Whether it’s a logo, a website or a mobile app mockup. You can list anything over here that could show the working of you.


The first test you will be giving is called Upwork Readiness test. It’s a very simple test that you can pass by reading this document. The other test you can pass is the test which is relevant to your skills. Like I’m a Full Stack Developer so I’ve passed some test like HTML, JavaScript, WordPress etc. If you have intermediate knowledge about any technology than you can pass this test with ease.

There are some more sections which are self-explanatory like Certification and Employment history. You can list valid certifications on your profile.

That’s all from this post if you have any questions comment below would love to answer them :).


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