Here’s a Quick Guide to Write Job Winning Proposal


Let me tell you one thing that is for sure and it’s my personal experience. People say’s that you have to apply this and that method to achieve some positive results. But in reality, in my whole experience, I noticed one thing that to achieve best results in any field it’s not only related to freelancing just apply the following formula.

Hard Work + Smart Work + Patience + Self Improvement = Success

For some people, it might look odd but the thing is that this is the only way to make your way to success as a freelancer.

Now let’s dive into the topic that How can we create a Killer job winning proposal.

The steps you should follow in the exact order in which I have mentioned.

  • Search for the job in which you are confident enough that you can do it.
  • Read the whole description of the job.
  • Analyze the client behavior with his previous clients by looking at his previous reviews.

The above mention steps are the most important because many people do a little mistake over here they don’t read the job description and start sending some prebuilt proposal, Believe me, if you do this toy are not going to get any project.

Take clients as human beings the persons on the other side of your screen are humans and if you treat them like robots then how you are going to get any work from them.

So the best approach to writing any proposal is to Go through all the requirements and then after making sure that you are confident enough to apply on this job then go for it.


How to write a proposal :


Let show you an example:


Dear Client’s Name,

Hope you are doing good!


This is the area where you engage with clients regarding their problem. tell them that you have understood the problem and suggest to him about the solution that you can provide for the problem.


In the second Paragraph try to tell them what you are and what past project or any other Experience that you had could be similar to the client’s current problem.


In the last tell them about your interest in the getting the job and why you are the perfect fit.


Best Regards

And that’s it. Yes, don’t go for the long long proposal believe me those kinds of proposals doesn’t work why people don’t read that much stuff which started to get sounds robotic and with a long proposal this happens.

The best I can give you on this is try to imagine yourself on the client’s seat and you are going through the proposal which one you will pick. The answer might the one which is well explained about your problem in a human manner. That’s the key to writing the best job winning proposal.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding it in the comments below.


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